For K - 12 and university students
Tutoring and school support

Tutoring lessons for core subjects in English, Spanish and French for K - 12 and university students. We offer school support and academic enhancement at your home or online. With Tutochild students learn to study smarter and achieve their goals on their most difficult subjects. Our team of professional and dedicated educational workers help students to use better their strengths and deal with academic bumps. Students learn hoe to use resources and tools to learn better and improve daily.

We follow the educational program of your province or district to make sure the tutoring is tailored to your needs.




Somos un grupo de profesionales en educación, y carreras de pedagogía especializados en educación bilingüe. Tutores experiencia con niños.


Tutors that are specialized in each core subject teach a program created and tailored to the student needs. One size does not fit all.

All Core subjects

Math, Reading, Algebra, Writing, Homework, Science, Study Skills, Biology & Chemestry taught in English, Spanish or French. Reading and writing at University level and more.


College and University Support

Build skills and confidence in your career. Advance support for college and university assignments. We are ready to accommodate ourselves to your schedule. Our team is ready to help you go over those hard assignments and increased workloads.
Get help with your writing skills. We provide high quality assistance with all type of essays and writing assingments. Get help and learn the best prices ✔ Plagiarism free!

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Our Tutoring

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University writing

Take out the frustration and struggle from your university courses. Build writing skills and get personalized tutoring.


Support and tutoring tailored to the student needs. One on One lessons with tutors that are the specialists for each age range.

Homework Support

We support with your virtual or hybrid schedules this school year in a safe and educational environment. Online or at home tutoring


Tutors with background in science and Chemistry at the university level that help students go thorugh complex topics.

Study skills

Programs designed to develop long life learning skills in students. They will be able to grow with confidence and ease.

Computer Programming

From kids first learners to University level, tutors teach and support students in Computer programming areas.

Early Childhood Development

Our Professionals will develop child-centered learning experiences tailored to your kid to support a healthy development and set them for success from early years.

University Support

Tutors help students in university with different assignments, from engeeniering to arts. This include help on writing and presenting academic papers.

Much more...

Contact us and let us help you with your specific need.¡let's start your path to success!

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